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 At Turner Institute we specialize in:

  • Providing incredible value in flexible and affordable education, specializing in Orthopedic and Manual Therapy.
  • Ensuring the system is available to deliver the best possible instruction for every student’s individual learning needs.
  • We provide in person virtual learning tutorial sessions upon qualified request.
  • Bi – weekly study plan and course outline schedule and concise modular syllabuses
  • Weekly or Bi weekly virtual learning classroom (live and or recorded) modular tutorials.


Our Mission:

“To Standardize the level of Manual Osteopathy, Massage Therapy and Manual Therapy training in Provincially, Nationally and Worldwide, by raising the Education and Training levels and course content to give you a Professional Career you will be proud of.

By keeping our professional development classes and workshops affordable and attainable, you can achieve your goals, and we can achieve ours.”


We are a Fully Recognized and Accepted by:

  • Ontario Osteopathic and Alternative Medicine Association (O.O.A.M.A)
  • National Association of Research and Development for Manual Osteopathy (N.A.R.D.M.O.)
  • NARDMO accepting Manual Therapists and Therapies and Program Evaluation, since 2015
  • Turner Institute is vocational exempt by the Alberta Advanced Education Private Career College Branch office.
  • Turner Institute offers Modular Courses and CPD (career professional development) credits.


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Career Professional Development Learning

Combining lectures, hands-on techniques, labs and case studies for our manual osteopathy & massage therapy students provides a smooth transition from academic knowledge to problem solving for treatment and management of client’s conditions.

Enhancing your career with region specific assessments special testing and techniques.

Engaged and Active Learning Environments

Module Based Instruction

Our manual osteopathy and orthopedic massage seminar and training curriculum and seminars are designed to be taken as a series of modules - each module is dedicated to a specific anatomical region - allowing us to ensure understanding to be in-depth and complete. A number of medical doctors, PhDs, Masters and Manual Therapists contribute to each module.

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