Peter Turner

DOMP, Ph.D. Manual Osteopathy (European) , B.Sc O., DCMOEB, Sports Therapist

Director of Turner Institute and Turner Inc.
Former C.E.O. and Inventor – ReArm Inc.

– Experience Training Massage Therapists since 2003

– A Founder & Director of Turner Institute of Orthopedic Massage, a division of Turner Inc.

– A Founder and Director of The Fitness Network Inc.

– A Founder of Imagine Health Medical Centres, and CBDO/Director of Allied & Corporate Health

– A Founder of Imagine Health Nutraceuticals

– Chief Therapist and Fitness Consultant to actors, amateurs and pro athletes, corporations and employees.

With a background in fitness and exercise science, he consults for companies designing Injury Prevention Programs, on/off-site Massage Therapy training programs and Complete Fitness & Wellness Programs. As a previous competitive amateur athlete, Peter excels at designing fitness programs for general fitness and sport-specific conditioning for all ages.

Peter has taught Health based Sciences since 2003 at the College Level.

For over 15 years, he has been active in the treatment of Muscular & Chronic Soft Tissue Pain and consistently demonstrates the importance that prescribed regular exercise has on the prevention of muscular pain and dysfunction.

He has treated or improved the physical conditioning over 600+ clients of all ages and athletic ability.

He provided Air Canada Carrier with Fitness & Massage Therapy services for over 17 different clinical locations coast to coast, involving over 35 different clinicians for Air Canada in 2001-2003 and was an integral part of the creation, development and execution of The Health and Wellness Project Green putting psychologists and therapist teams together for the massive merger of Air Canada and Canadian Airlines. His consulting services have been provided to Paramount Pictures, Creative Door Canada, Air Canada, Canadian Airlines and Dow Chemical.


Tara Hogan

DOMP, Advanced Orthopedic Specialist, RMT(AB)

In 2007 Tara began her journey into the field of manual therapy in the province of Alberta. This was a change in the direction of her career, but something that had been a long time in coming. Over the years she has continued to expand her learning with a variety of seminars, readings and completing her 2200hrs Advanced Orthopedic Massage Diploma with the Turner Institute.

As a Manual Therapist, Tara is a member in good standing with the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada and practices and teaches Massage Therapy in Alberta only. As a Manual Osteopathy Practitioner, Tara is a member of the Ontario Osteopathic and Alternative Medicine Association, and National Association of Research and Development for Manual Osteopathy and sits on other boards.

Her treatment and therapies include Manual Osteopathy (NARDMO/ OOAMA) Nationally and Internationally, Advanced Orthopedic Massage, Advanced Body Sugaring as well as Hot & Cold Stone Massage, Pre/Postnatal Massage, Thai Hot Stem Massage and RainDrop Therapy and a variety of teaching seminars / lectures as well..

Working with patients and clients, helping them to feel well and return to pre injury abilities is a main focus of her practice and she has especially enjoyed working with Pre / Postnatal mom’s and their infants teaching Infant Massage. Her work experience in the field of manual therapy has ranged from experience working in chiropractic and physiotherapy clinics to a private practice, specializing in Manual Osteopathy / Advanced Orthopedic Massage assessment, treatments and remedial exercise treatment plans. .

Coming from a corporate background in human resources and training and development, she has always been focused on helping individuals to grow and continue their learning. She began teaching as a young adult, working as a swimming instructor providing Red Cross lessons to children, teens and adults.

In the field of Manual Therapy and Corporate H.R. Tara has lead health and business workshops, health / wellness training seminars and works as a consultant in these areas as well. She continues to provide business support as Operations Manager for Turner Inc., assistant teaching and instructing Orthopedic Massage Therapy and Manual Osteopathy with the Turner Institute and loves every moment of her time spent working in her field as a Manual Therapist.


Dr. Gurman Gill

M.B.B.S, M.D.

Gurman Gill is a medical writer with over 15 years experience in the medical field. She enjoys research and is challenged and adept at synthesizing data, identifying key points, and preparing reports, publications, and slide or poster presentations. She has a broad scientific background with 15 years of experience in medicine and clinical research spanning the fields of genetics, immunology, neurology, pharmacology, pathology, physiology, surgery , obstetrics and gynaecology.

In her medical career, she has demonstrated a passion for teaching and mentoring medical students and resident physicians ensure the successful completion of research projects, including publication and presentation of the results.

Gurman has joined the Turner Institute as an instructor, providing lectures in neurology, pathology and diagnosis and symptomatology.

Susie Materi

M.A. Pedagogy (Motor Learning & Motor Development), B. Kin., NSCA CSCS, NCCP II Weightlifting, CISSN (Current)

Susie Materi is thrilled to be working for the Turner Institute. Residing in Canmore, she is excited to share the experience and knowledge from her diverse background. Susie comes from high performance sport/National Team endeavours, both as an athlete and as a strength & conditioning coach for a multitude of sports. She has been really fortunate to have delivered corporate wellness for organizations such as Pfizer, MacEwan University and Women Building Futures, in addition to developing curriculum for universities and public schools.

Susie is a graduate in Kinesiology from the University of Calgary and completed her Masters in Pedagogy (Motor Development & Motor Learning) at Western Michigan University. She has a background in teaching and coaching in the United States was punctuated with instructing a Healthy Lifestyles program to Special Populations, writing and delivering a continuing education program for K-12 physical educators in the Michigan public school system, and evaluating coaching methodologies for instructing Olympic Weightlifting. Additionally, nutrition has always been a part of her personal and professional pursuits and she is excited to share her knowledge with Turner Institute students.


Dr. Edin Mešanović

 Edin Mešanović is a medical doctor at Canton Hospital „dr. Safet Mujic“ Mostar. He is orthopedic surgery resident who enjoys working with his patients. He also works on call on surgery and urology department. He is one of the youngest graduates of Medical University Tuzla.

Besides clinical work, he is a sports enthusiast, especially football (soccer). On couple occasions, he was the team physician for U-17 BiH national football team in qualifying matches for European Championship. He was also physician in First Boxing League of Federation of BiH.


Chris Jacobson

Advanced Orthopedic Massage, RMT

Chris is a Calgary native, and devoted family man. His post secondary education is in the biological sciences, which has led his career to change directions and move into the field of Massage and Manual therapy. He has completed Diploma in Advanced Orthopaedic Massage Therapy and more recently Manual Osteopathy studies. Chris also has a passion for new adventures, and has also developed several different businesses over the years (landscaping, financial services). In patient assessments and treatments, Chris finds purpose in effecting real change in a patient’s persistent issues and developing long term health treatment plans to assist them in overcoming their health challenges.

He is an all-season outdoorsman, and lifetime avid mountain hiker, cyclist, canoe/kayaker, as well as snowshoer and cross country skier. He believes in keeping the body active in as many diverse ways as possible for optimal health, together with a balanced diet of moderation.