"Hi Tara and Peter, Thank you so very much much for sending my certificate. I was so excited to see that!! Thank you for all you guys have done as well. I really enjoyed the course. I will definitely keep in touch ..."
Jenn B, Calgary AB, Graduate Spring 2017
"Thank you very much for all that you do for me, I have learned a lot from Peter and Tara, I really appreciate it. Sure, I will let you know if I need your help, All the best ..."
May Yi, Calgary AB, Class of Spring 2016
"Thanks for your great classes, I am slowly interacting my new knowledge into practice and had a great response from my clients! I am so grateful!"
A Calgary student, Spring 2016
"I like the new study website. Thank you again!"
Nitaya L. Red Deer AB, Class of January 2016
"Thank you so much for helping me again. I do really appreciate you guys."
Kanyada Pipatthanachot, Calgary AB - Class of 2015
"I'd like to add a special Thank you to you. So far, because of you and Peter, Its been a really gratifying to have experience for me at Turner Institute. I enjoyed it and learned a lot. Thank you!"
Elizabeth K., Spring 2015, Calgary AB
"I am so glad I found you and your school. What you taught me will enrich my practice so much.... Thanks a Million! I will be back!"
Francine, Spring 2015, Calgary AB
"Thank you Peter. In this class I found out its very useful for my work and learned alot in a short time. I enjoyed the class!"
Cindy M, Spring 2015, Calgary A
"The Orthopedic Institute of Massage is a program for any massage therapist that is interested in becoming better at what they do. More importantly, for their clients. Yes, the program is intense. That is what makes the program so worthwhile. Peter Turner has a wealth of knowledge that he wants to share, and at such a pace that would make my head hurt. There are a number of values that Peter taught. But, the two that stand out for me are: 1. S.O.A.P. charting. 2. Acute, Subacute, Chronic, Chronic 1 and Chronic 2. With these tools, I have been able to place them into my practice and have already noticed a difference in the way my sessions have become better. When you take the program, Peter will go into greater detail as to what that means. I look forward to taking more classes with Peter. I am forever indebted to the enthusiasm, spirit of learning and tenacity that this program has given me."
Bill Melathopolous, September 2013
"For the past number of months I have had the pleasure of being exposed to the Turner Institute by helping Anwen to update her standing in massage therapy .I have been totally delighted and impressed by the experience that is evidence based and very hands on practically delivered in a friendly informal but professional manner . I have had my orthopedic knowledge expanded and reinforced through the text , modules and lectures . I came to a greater appreciation for the scientifically based restorative and healing attributes of massage therapy .I highly recommend the institute for any practitioner of the healing arts and sciences."
Richard Cunningham MD, May 2013
"Thank you for helping me so much to upgrade my massage therapy. You were understanding but firm and the studies were hard work for me at the beginning. Your encouragement and kind nature made it easier to stick with the course and after a while I learned how to study again and the new knowledge became a pleasure to me .You showed me that my work was explained by science and had an important place in looking after clients. You are the best."
Anwen Feng, Graduate - May 2013, Edmonton, AB
"Thank you for a wonderful, wonderful course. I enjoyed the classes and how much we learned in such a short time. We are all going to walk away with a lot of gain, new friends, and new experiences and a lot of learning and knowledge. I especially loved the books you had chosen for the course. Very, very good."
Lucy, Graduate-May 2013, Calgary, AB
"This School is an excellent source for the therapists that are looking for a Professional Massage Career that is very health and medical based for their clients. The knowledge learned at Turner Institute is amazing for those therapists that are wanting to help for serious conditions or injury or accident or chronic pain in their practice. This is the best place to go for great and thorough instruction. Peter is extremely knowledgable and capable to teach the same concept to many different learning styles. No one is left behind. I would highly recommend taking this Massage Course if you are looking for a Professional career improvement. You would have the skills to rival and enhance other medical therapies such as physiotherapy and chiropractics."
Dawn Simpson, Past Student, Class of 2010 & 2012
"I have been a student with Turner Institute of Orthopedic massage school taught by Peter Turner. I was simply amazed at the accomplishment we made in learning the subject in such a short period of time. In the past, I have studied Ayurvedic massage therapy in India. With such a different approach, I had a new experience with Orthopedic massage treatment which made me aware of unique way of treating injuries in a logical way.It was an eye opener & a great chance to learn all the techniques used in treating a patient in a effective way. The classes have selected students to ensure effective learning while the teacher is hands on for any questions & discussion. As a student one need not buy any books as all information is sent on your email. Actually many of the information and useful tips you will not find in any books because they are part of personal experience of teacher, who is always willing to share with students. Classes are vigorous & lively instead of a usual boring lecture. Students are welcome to share their opinions,thoughts & ideas. Personally,I believe its the best way of studying & one will learn about many aspects in recovery of the patient with massage therapy, hydrotherapy,exercise & nutrition. Are you excited & ready to join a great therapy school? If you are then be ready for a intensive learning on orthopedic therapy while improving your skills in a happy & friendly environment."
Tina Nirwal, Edmonton, AB, class of July 2012
"Peter is a very helpful and understanding instructor. He teaches in a way that is clear, concise and easily understandable. He is passionate about massage and it shows. I can honestly say that out of any instructor I have had, I got the most knowledge from Peter. He makes learning fun and you never feel like you are behind in learning as he makes sure that everyone is on the same page and will dedicate himself to you until you get the information needed."
Brandi Drysdale, Edmonton, Class of 2011
"Working with Peter was so inspiring he made sure EVERYBODY was at the same understanding and wouldn't leave anybody Behind, you can see how passionate he is through his teachings. He truly shines when he touches and helps everybody else see they have that Too and makes sure each of you see it discover it and letting it. Thank you Peter so much for sharing your light with me :)"
Natalie Tessier, Edmonton, Class of 2011
"Peter Turner was one of my instructors for my 2200 hour massage therapy course in 2010 and 2011. I also attended several of his seminars. He has a wealth of knowledge and he is extremely passionate about what he knows. He teaches with conviction and example. He participates in the practices and gets directly involved with his students, which creates a friendlier and more personal experience while learning. I recommend his method of instruction to anyone willing to learn and experience massage therapy in greater detail."
Margaret, RMT Edmonton Alberta, Class of 2011
"It was a great privilege to have Peter as my Orthopedic massage instructor. He is an authority in the field of orthopedic massage, his immaculate knowledge in body mechanics and systematic approach to charting,assessment, treatment and remex were extra ordinary. No books or other training material will do justice for what i have learned from his teaching and training."
James Joseph, Edmonton AB, Class of 2010